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COVID-19 Additional Safety Protocol

CDC Website

We have added the following to our routine clinical safety protocol:

  • COVID-19 Vaccine. Participating staff have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Protective equipment. All staff wear ASTM level 3 masks. Some of us will be wearing face shields and disposable protective gowns when appropriate
  • Protective HEPA air filtration. We installed HEPA air purifiers in all operatories and hygiene rooms that use two filtration technologies designed to trap even the smallest viruses and microplastics in addition to dust, pollen, bacteria, and smoke, and activated carbon to remove odors, gases, and VOC’s. We also put HEPA filters throughout the office and a Molekule in the waiting room.
  • Protective UV light disinfection. We installed protective UV sanitization lights in our AC systems that disinfect the office air and protect it from bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.
  • Hand sanitizer. We provide hand sanitizer for all patients to sanitize their hands prior to entering the clinical space
  • Daily health checks for all staff. We check all staff temperatures and check for symptoms before reporting for work
  • Pre-screening of every patient. We screen all patients to assess Covid-19 risk exposure prior to making appointments and check all patient temperatures prior to treatment
  • Easy outside check-in. Our patients can check-in for appointments from the convenience of their car by calling the office at 772-569-0070
  • Physical distancing. We rearranged our waiting room to allow appropriate space between individual seating options
  • Staggered patient scheduling. We modified our patient scheduling to minimize the number of people in the office at one time
  • Protective work practices. We avoid aerosol-generating procedures whenever possible and we use high speed evacuation suction and dental dams designed to minimize droplet and aerosol production
  • Increased sanitation after every appointment. We clean after every appointment using hospital-grade disinfectant on all surfaces and objects
  • Sterilization. We use high heat and pressure autoclave sterilization on all instruments to eliminate all microorganisms
  • Deep clean every evening. Every evening we perform a deep clean of the office
  • Hands-free greetings and meetings. We care a lot about our patients, so we are saving the high-fives, hugs, and handshakes for when it is safe

Our commitment to patient and staff safety is ongoing and the steps we’re taking can change as guidelines evolve.